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Investing in oil and gas properties requires great planning and preparation.

Title Ownership Reports

Part of a good plan should include obtaining a Title Ownership Report to ascertain surface owners, mineral owners, working interest and overriding royalty interest owners, as well as any encumbrances for the property. Armed with this information, we have a wealth of knowledge allowing for good decisions to be made in developing prospects.

Our firm has a wide range of experience in writing title opinions all over the State of Oklahoma and producing properties in the lower 48. We represent companies large and small.

Our final product will give you everything you need for your prospect to be successful; Hyperlinked imaged documents from patent to present, a full comprehensive runsheet that gives you dates, names, legals and all pertinent information regarding your prospect.

Title Curative

Title Curative is a set of procedures used to “cure” defects in chain of title, such as correcting instruments which are erroneous or ambiguous, and determine whether the actual use and possession of the land is consistent with record title.   A variety of issues can arise during the title curative process, including divorce decrees, intestacy, and unreleased oil and gas leases.  Our Landmen are familiar with this process, and can obtain the necessary documents to satisfy the requirements of the examining attorney.

We operate every project knowing one of the most critical elements of this entire project process is our responsiveness and level of urgency when it comes to supporting your title prerequisites.

We are reliable and dependable with our production and overall turn-time when handling your title services. Our service offerings are bundled into a one-stop-shop that meets all your needs in a simple, seamless and efficient manner.

Contact us today so that we can help you with your title needs.

For more information about Cedar Creek Energy Solutions email us at robin.huebner@ccenergysolutions.net

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